Smart Healing – Pain gone in 1 session – Case Study

1st Treatment

Symptoms: Neck, Shoulder and Leg pain. Pain is intermittent. Ongoing for the past 3 weeks.

When asked where on a scale of 1-10 how the pain felt, 1 being no pain and 10 being the most amount of pain the response was a 6.

Assessment: Pelvis fixation of right side. Upper/middle weak trapezius muscles on right hand side.

Atlanto-occipital tight on right side.

Active Alarm Points : Gallbladder (GB) right

Triple Warmer (TW) right and left


Acupuncture, Small Intestine (SI) 3.5 left side. Same channel as pain indicated on back of neck.

Pericardium (PC) also referred to as circulation-sex 3.5/3.7 Yin to Triple Warmer

GB (Gallbladder) 37/38/39 clinically used as effective point for neck and shoulder problems. More than one needle in the same channel will cause a synergy effect.

Alarm points no longer active. Before leaving the acupuncture to take on it’s full healing effect the patient is asked whether there is any pain in the area.

Response is no.

Physical therapy.

Release of the upper/middle and lower trapezius. Gluteus muscles and tensor fascia lata release.

Pelvis and feet realignment.

Rhomboid major and minor muscles loosened through shoulder rotation.

Cranial Sacral Therapy relaxing the atlanta-occipital joint.

Massage back, latissimus dorsi muscles. Scraping of the infraspinatus opening the shoulder.

Once patient is stood and asked if there is any pain. Lady moves shoulders and neck and there is No Pain.

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