Raise above your own selfish illusion

Raise above your own selfish illusion,

take away the mirrors and the delusion,

stop the fixation of staring at your face,

and running in this silly rat race,

find a space that lifts you higher,

than taking substances you require,

to free your spirit from its bubble,

dropping you down to imprisoned trouble,

gravity only holds your physical down,

release your spirit and it’s peaceful vibrational sounds,

unlock your chains of attachments,

use sparingly all of your contraptions,

your body and mind are not what need fixing,

it’s a life of soul searching and spirit mixing,

to find the perfect path and route to endless happiness,

never allow it to go on too long with sadness,

for there is a huge, enormous cosmic orbit,

find your way up there through trial and forfeit,

follow and absorb what is only good,

an endless search for peace should be understood.

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