Pain is your body’s way of asking you to do something to help

What to expect?
Why do we get Pain?

Pain can be a build up of psychological and physiological disorders which are both curable with the right treatment.

Pain is a stagnation and is different in each individual. If left untreated it will turn into inflammation.

Prostaglandins are a marker of inflammation in the body and are produced when we eat certain foods or when an area of the body is damaged.

The protective layer that the prostaglandins produce restricts the blood flow, sending a signal to the brain for the body to attempt to rectify the problem.

By using acupuncture we signal the white blood cells to start healing the body using its natural mechanisms.

Pain is your body's way of asking you to do something to help
Pain is your body’s way of asking you to do something to help

The body is a complex system with ten trillion cells, a million nano-filtration units in the kidney and a brain that has adapted to cope with human civilisation.

As a natural medical practitioners we believe that with the right knowledge we can maintain and preserve the body. By sharing this education with our clients we help to bring the body back to its healthy state, before it started experiencing pain.

The tools that we use to restore the body and free it from it’s pain are: Acupuncture, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, massage, visceral massage, nutrition advice, remedial exercises and where necessary herbal medicine.

The treatment duration is 75 minutes and costs £55.

Natural Medical Clinic has experience a range of physical and internal conditions, some of the most common include: 

If you would like to find more about Natural Medical clinic and how it can help you please call Sarah on 07889 224303.

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