How to keep yourself Cream of the Crop

Strains of viruses seem to getting stronger so we need to make our defences better to beat what we cannot see.
Don’t be alarmed, be armed with what to do to make yourself the cream of the crop.

If you have got any symptoms or conditions and would like an natural approach with what to do please hola. It’s an important time to speak up and stick together and when the knowledge is there, it is worth sharing.

This medicine, over the umpteen years of studying and practicing, has not only become a profession but a way of life. By making LOADS of lifestyle changes, using acupuncture, qi gong/yoga/dance, regular meditation (but not daily), herbal medicine and basically eating a 80% plant based, gluten and diary free diet I have gone from a lady who has chronic period pains, IBS and psoriasis to being symptom free, yipeeeee! There are obviously days when it feels like symptoms may start to flare up but as knowledge is power its a relief knowing what to do to bring the body back into harmony.

To be able to share this knowledge with you all so accessibly is one of the richest assets we have in the modern world. Please see what a daily ritual looks like, give or take, y’know, none of us are perfect!

A Life long ritual for eternal health:

Wake up after 8-9 hours sleep (if you’re a family with a newborn baby this obviously isn’t possible but hang on in there and nap whenever you can throughout the day)
Start the day with hot herbal tea and avoid caffeine (Use caffeine as a needs must and not as a driving agent to get your day going. You may surprise yourself and have more energy than you realise.)
Food – Don’t be fooled into thinking you need this that and the other for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just think fresh and simple. If you need recipes ideas reply, lets chat!

Exercise: If you are struggling to sleep you are not doing enough, simple. It doesn’t matter what, where or even how long. Keep it varied, get your heart pumping and open those pores with perspiration.
Meditation and Breathing: Stop overthinking and just do it. Yes you will be rubbish to start with. No you won’t be able to silence your mind from day one but that’s the whole point. It’s a practice. Start practicing 🙂

Please don’t think you are a buddha, it’s tried and tested, it isn’t that fun!
Have chocolate (although 70% is antibacterial fighting and milk isn’t – the choice is yours)
Drink your glass of wine (there’s 17 tsps of sugar in prosecco and only 2 tsps in red wine, just saying),
Eat that bag of crisps (be warned not to eat if you want clear skin!)
Drink a pint of beer (yes it does make us bloat. Yes it is because of the gluten)
Melt over a pizza (Be warned cheese does build phlegm so it’s not good for your respiratory system. Vegan cheese is fine :-))

The body says thank you for detoxifying it.

Most of you know that the cabinet of glory inside clinic AKA the herbal medicine is a saving grace for pain and was highly necessary in the healing of the IBS and Psoriasis.

Evergreen herbs are the supplier of said miracle formulas and as they sent out numerous amounts of stock to Wuhan hospital they got a chat with one of the herbalists who said: 

More than 85% of all patients with coronavirus, approximately 60,000 people, received herbal treatment along with western medicine treatments, as of late February 2020.

The best herbal treatment for any viral or bacterial infection is Lonicera Complex. If you’ve taken them, you know how great they are! Share the love by letting others know. We can’t keep this a secret. The world needs this information. You know we are fair, look anywhere else, you won’t get them at the cost price of £20.

Lonicera Complex is so good at clearing the early stages (best to have them ready at home for when you need them) of Viral infections: common cold, influenza, measles, oral herpes, cold sores, fever blisters
Bacterial infections (early stages): bronchitis, pneumonia
Throat infections: soreness, swelling, and inflammation of the throat

How does this magic work?

Lonicera complex has antiviral properties to treat viral infections, antibacterial properties to treat bacterial infections, antipyretic effect to lower body temperature, expectorant effect to eliminate sputum and phlegm,antitussive effect to suppress cough.

Lets keep us healthy and connected:

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