Self – healing class is back

Do you fancy joining the self-healing class?
There are 10 spaces and once the spaces have been filled there won’t be another opportunity to join for a month. 

As the self-healing class has been closed since March it is time to reopen but with a difference. 
The time will be the same, 9.30-10.30am on a Tuesday but only 10 participants with be able to join. This means every class is tailored to you and your skill set will increase faster.  

Want to lose weight? 
Have better flexibility?
Reach enlightenment? 

If you don’t have any goals the class will still be designed specifically with you in mind.
To the trained eye it is obvious where the body is out of balance and by doing the simple, mindful movements that we practice throughout the class your body will adjust and bring you back to balance. 

We’ll be practicing a simple flow of qi gong, breathing exercises, guided meditation, stretching techniques and heart invigorating movement.

The first 3 people who want to join the class at Loudwater Farm will be invited into the centre, adhering to the social distancing measures. The other 7 students will be practicing at home via zoom, under the same instruction but in the comfort of your own home. 

Once the month is finished there will be a week break with the option to join a longer evening workshop if you don’t want to have a rest. After the week break you’ll be able to sign up to the next month of self-healing. 

Cost per class will stay at £7 but all 4 classes will be paid for up front costing £28.

Get in touch to be 1 of the 10 enrolled onto our self-healing course. I can’t wait to be back teaching you at the self-healing class. 

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