Self – healing class is back

Do you fancy joining the self-healing class?
There are 10 spaces and once the spaces have been filled there won’t be another opportunity to join for a month. 

As the self-healing class has been closed since March it is time to reopen but with a difference. 
The time will be the same, 9.30-10.30am on a Tuesday but only 10 participants with be able to join. This means every class is tailored to you and your skill set will increase faster.  

Want to lose weight? 
Have better flexibility?
Reach enlightenment? 

If you don’t have any goals the class will still be designed specifically with you in mind.
To the trained eye it is obvious where the body is out of balance and by doing the simple, mindful movements that we practice throughout the class your body will adjust and bring you back to balance. 

We’ll be practicing a simple flow of qi gong, breathing exercises, guided meditation, stretching techniques and heart invigorating movement.

The first 3 people who want to join the class at Loudwater Farm will be invited into the centre, adhering to the social distancing measures. The other 7 students will be practicing at home via zoom, under the same instruction but in the comfort of your own home. 

Once the month is finished there will be a week break with the option to join a longer evening workshop if you don’t want to have a rest. After the week break you’ll be able to sign up to the next month of self-healing. 

Cost per class will stay at £7 but all 4 classes will be paid for up front costing £28.

Get in touch to be 1 of the 10 enrolled onto our self-healing course. I can’t wait to be back teaching you at the self-healing class. 

How to have and keep a positive mindset

This course creation began when closing the clinic was the safest option and now the final product is here. The intention in creating ‘How to have and keep a positive mindset’ was to give you the tools, strength and education in the easiest and quickest way. 

Positive and negative traits are explored in the first module and a sentence from the first lesson reads: ‘Letting go of a thought without finding an answer to resolve it does not mean that you have failed, it simply means you have not got all the tools yet to tackle the problem.’ 

To let go requires great strength and this course will explore how you can let go in order to find yourself in a positive place.

The inspiring topics that add value to the course are: 

  • Module 1: Positive and negative traits
  • Module 2: Endorphins and how to release them
  • Module 3: Understanding your area of weakness
  • Module 4: Learning the power of letting go to gain control
  • Module 5: How it’s everything but your everyday lifestyle that keeps you from being happy
  • Module 6: How to recognise a positive and negative thought
  • Module 7: Being the best version of you

As it’s the connections in our mind and body that creates our opportunities, this course has been created at the affordable price of £20 so that there are no excuses in not being able to enjoy this course

When you take part in the course you will have lifetime access to the resources and a free 1-1 phone consultation before and after the course.

To start your new journey at your own pace and in the comfort of your home click here.

It’s always easy when you know how and there’s no time like the present in getting to know how easy it can be. Take a leap into the unknown, make a small investment and start creating a big change in yourself with ‘How to have and keep a positive mindset.’

Vitamins, Minerals and Smoothies for Muscle Repair

Find and enjoy the different food sources below. For the best muscle repair look and calculate the mg of each food source to reach the healthy amount every day.

Tired achy legs?
Love to workout but hate DOMS?
Does your body feel heavy?

Use the list below to make your body work effortlessly and effectively.

Vitamin B6: 2mg a day (best for smoothies)
Sunflower seeds per cup (140g) 1.88mg
Pistachio Nuts per cup (123g) 1.38mg
Other food sources: Fish, meat, avocado, prunes, bananas, prunes

Vitamin E: 20mg a day (best for smoothies)
Dark Leafy Green (spinach per cup 180g) 3.7mg
Almonds per cup (whole-143g) 37.5mg
Roasted sunflower seeds (per cup 135g) 49.1mg
Other food sources: Fish (trout & shrimp), olive oil, broccoli, avocado, butternut squash/pumpkin, kiwi

Vitamin C: 60mg a day (unless you have allergies e.g hay fever then up to 400mg)
Goji berries (100g) 90mg
Bell peppers (per 10 strips 52g) 95.4mg
Guava (per cup 165g) 376.7mg
Dark green leafy vegetables (kale) (Per cup chopped 67g) 80mg
Other food sources; kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, oranges, papaya, peas, tomatoes

Niacin vitamin B6: 20mg a day
Green peas (fresh): (per cup raw 145g) 3mg
Sunflower seeds: (per cup 140g) 11.7mg
Avocado: (Per fruit 201g) 3.5mg
Other food sources: Meat, fish and mushrooms

Zinc: 15mg a day
Spinach: (per cup cooked 180g) 1.4mg
Pumpkin and squash seeds: (per cup 64g) 6.6mg
Cacao: (100g) 9.6mg
Other food sources: Shellfish, meat, chickpeas, mushroom

Selenium: 70ug a day
Brazil nuts: (Per cup 133g) 2.549mg
Sunflower seeds: (Per cup 128g) 101.5mg
Other food sources: shellfish, meat, mushrooms

Magnesium: 400mg a day
Dark leafy greens (raw spinach): (1 cup raw 30g) 24mg
Squash nuts and pumpkin seeds: (1/2 cup 59g) 325mg
Beans and lentils (soy beans): (1 cup 172g) 148mg
Avodoco: (whole fruit) 58mg
Bananas: (1 small banana) 32mg
Cacao: (1 square) 94mg
Other food sources: sesame seeds, brazil nuts, meat, fish

Smoothie ideas:
Berry Blend
½ cup fresh blueberries
5 strawberries
2 cups kale
1 tbsp chia seeds

1 cup red grapes
2 cups spinach
1 chilled brewed green tea
2 tbsp chopped pecans
1 cup swiss chard

Fruit & Nut
½ apple
½ banana
½ cup pumpkin seeds
10 walnut halves
2tsp cinnamon
2 cups spinach

Green Goodness
½ celery
½ carrot
1 tomato
½ lime
½ bell pepper
2 sprigs coriander

(use as much water as desired)

Cinnamon and chia seeds are excellent to add to smoothies to reduce the sugar that’s released into the bloodstream.
Use Macca Powder once a week in smoothies.
Berries are fantastic to use as well as melon as they are low in sugar.
Try adding Spirulina and Wheat Barley Grass too.

Physical therapy wins over steroid injection

‘Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who underwent physical therapy had less pain and functional disability at 1 year than patients who received an intraarticular glucocorticoid injection.’

Your pain management treatment may have gone out the window if you visit a therapist or hospital but there are other ways to restore your homeostasis.

Chinese herbal medicine has got some positive press as being the highest studied medicine for the recent epidemic and it could be helping your condition. From Asthma, Diabetes, Cholesterol and pain management. The list for what Chinese herbal medicine can help is seemingly endless.

Inflammation and Covid-19

Inflammation and Covid-19.

In an attempt to make this an easy read and to hopefully inspire everyone and not just the medics and nerd alerts of the world, the use of medical and scientific terminology has been avoided.

After being diagnosed with Covid-19 patients showed a rapid downturn at day 10 at which point, studies highlight, an increase in their cytokine levels (an inflammation marker.)

There is some interesting research being held and the FDA are at stage III of clinical trials for medication to suppress inflammation pathways.

Keeping our inflammation down is going to have a positive effect on our health, for preventative measures of inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s and maybe giving us a better shot at survival of covid-19 if we do contract the virus.

A member of the inflammation cytokine family is IL6. This inflammation marker in particular is lit up when patients are ill with covid-19. Research shows to suppress pathways and to help reduce inflammation we need to activate nrf2 pathways.

Which foods and drinks activate Nrf2 to reduce inflammation:

Turmeric – capsules or add organic powder to food

Green tea, camomile tea and many other teas

Cauliflower, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts

Garlic, onions, spices that come from roots, shallots

Tomatoes, apricots, watermelon, grapefruit.

Daily Diaphragmatic breathing will help keep us calm. Breathe in for 5 and out for 5. Repeat this 8 times and do it daily.

Intermittent fasting is a great way to balance and support our immune system. Have dinner early one evening and then fast until dinner the next day, drinking water throughout the day.

There has been lots of studies to support fasting once or twice a week. If you can’t get your head around this, carrying out a fast once or twice a year is going to be better than never fasting at all.

Having a daily intake of some of the food sources from the above is advised and daily diaphragmatic breathing will also have a great impact on your overall well-being if you add it into your lifestyle.


David Perlmutter M.D

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