Smart Healing – No Antibiotics Needed!

Antibiotics have been a saving grace for many, for a lot of years, until the recent news that bacteria and organisms are becoming resilient to all forms of antibiotic and we are having to act fast to find other ways to kill bacteria.

As antibiotics cannot discriminate between good and bad bacteria it ends up killing both, which is why it is good practice to take probiotics at the same time as antibiotics. That is if you have to take antibiotics at all.

When you feel the benefits of a medicine you more fully understand the ability of that medicine to act in a particular way, which is why I am delighted to tell you that the bacterial throat infection caught after spending 3 nights camping in the cold, wet weather was improved by 40% after 24hrs, 70% better after 48hrs and 100& better after 56hrs using acupuncture and Evergreen Herbal Medicine.

Yaaaaay. No more antibiotics needed. Bye Bye!

After a relaxing session of acupuncture, which helped to clear the phlegm, relax the muscles around the throat and boost the immune system, a course of Herbal ABX and Resolve AI, improvements began.

Taking 8 tablets of each, 3 times a day, (yep, that’s 48 tablets a day!), the energy was lifted and within 1 day the white sports on the back of the throat had practically disappeared. After day 3, optimum health was back.

Natural Medicine is the best!

I feel fantastic and have full confidence in recommending these herbs to you and would urge you to give them a try next time you are unwell, before you automatically go onto a course of antibiotics.



How can a massage help you?

Have you ever heard someone say ‘if you are in pain, punch somewhere else and make the pain go away?’ This is what doctors call ‘referred pain.’ The idea is similar to holistic massage, whereby, if for example, your hamstrings are tight they can become suppler with a massage to your lower back; this is because your hamstrings are connected to your pelvis, which joins to your spine and thus relaxing one area helps the other.

The spine is a very important part of your skeletal system and, therefore, the back is where we will most commonly massage. Massage is included in every treatment, along with acupuncture, physical therapy, cranial sacral therapy and visceral massage. If it is necessary to massage other areas of the body, instead of or as well as the back, we will do so in a direct approach as this is going to be more sustainable for the reduction of your symptoms.
Clients have reported reduced abdominal pain e.g. digestive issues after a holistic massage, less tension in their back neck and shoulders and feeling a sense of calmness. There are studies to support the positive effects of a holistic massage on the body’s immune system by stimulating the lymph nodes. It is also said to improve the condition of the body’s largest organ, your skin, by promoting tissue regeneration so reducing scar tissue and stretch marks. Also enhancing circulation by pumping oxygen and nutrients into your tissues and vital organs.

Active Balance practices in Croxley Green with clients travelling from surrounding areas such as Rickmansworth, Watford, Moor Park, Maple Cross, Pinner, Ruislip, Bushey and places further afield like Chalfont St Peter, Slough, Luton, London, Birmingham and Manchester. Sarah has experience with, and is happy to travel, to treat the disabled. Please visit our contact page to make arrangements.




Bloating and Jaw ache : symptoms gone in one treatment

Treating a physical (jaw ache) and internal (bloating) condition at the same time is a harder task. As the patient has not been suffering with the symptoms of bloating for long, it is quicker to treat.

Upon inspection of the tongue, which every acupuncturist will ask you to show when dealing with an internal condition, it revealed that the patients fluids were not moving, which was causing her to feel bloated.

Assessment of the patients jaw and the muscles around the area were checked and they all showed strong, which indicates that there is an imbalance with the blood in the area.

Treatment of Acupuncture, physical therapy and massage of the back, neck and shoulders relieved the patient of her symptoms.

Alarm points are also checked to highlight the patients overall well being.

In this instance, the left kidney alarm point, right lung and right triple warmer were all active.

The acupuncture points used to eliminate symptoms and to start bringing the body into balance were:

Lung 6 & 6.5 Activating the lung channel will enhance its functioning of carrying oxygen around the body via the red blood cells assisting with the movement of the trapped fluid.

Kidney 3/4/9 The kidneys move the fluid around the body. Activating this channel will change the condition of the tongue and ease the bloating.

The stomach and large intestine channels run through the jaw. The lung channel is the yin to the large intestine channel. As the lung channel has already been made active to deal with the bloating we don’t want to cause an overload of energetic messages by activating both channels.

Through our palpation of the ICV Value we know that the value has been flipped open and discover that part of the patients job today was making ice cream and checking it was edible, giving us reason to support the spleen channel, which regulates blood sugar. The spleen is the yin to the stomach which is yang. Assisting the spleen we have in effect helped the stomach, the channel which also runs through the jaw.

Spleen 6/8/9 Your spleen, which the west refer to as the pancreas, produces insulin and glucagon, two hormones that regulate sugar levels in your blood.

Reassessment of the alarm points confirms the body is in balance. The patient is asked and there is no pain in the jaw and the stomach feels less bloated.

The patient is left to rest for 15 minutes.

After removing the acupuncture the liver, stomach, spleen, large intestine, kidneys and ICV value are all given attention. The sound of the kidneys and the liver filtering is reassuring as it implies that the fluid is moving and the bloating will be reduced.

A balance of the head, pelvis and feet support the internal condition.

Release of tension in the head, neck, jaw and cheekbone
Trigger point therapy

Please note, the person in the picture is not the patient with the symptoms listed. This picture is to support the understanding of this case.

Trigger point therapy of the jaw enhances the healing effect for the patient.

The patient leaves feeling no pain in her jaw and no bloating in her stomach and ready for a symptom free weekend. Yay!


Critical conditions explained: IBS, gas, bloating, digestive disorders

The special part of becoming a physical therapist is the finger palpation skills that can detect conditions before or after they become a problem, like the functioning of the organs. A good therapist should be able to feel whether your ICV (ileocecal valve) is open or closed. Having your value closed by a trained professional may be the answer to all your bloating prays.

What is the ICV?

The ICV is located between the ileum and the cecum. Its function is to process digested food from the small to the large intestine, keeping waste products from flowing back up into the large intestine.

Malfunctions of the ICV occur when the one-way system becomes a two-way system and waste materials start to back up allowing the small intestine to absorb the toxic waste.

Large Intestine, Colon and Small intestine
Contractions of the colon, sphincter and pelvis muscles work in combination to move a stool out for excavation.

What causes our ICV to open?

Causes: Food intolerances: Sugar, Gluten, Diary, Nuts, Caffeine, Infection, Emotional Stress, Not chewing enough


Using tests from Kinesiology and finger palpation a trained physical therapist will be able to tell you what your body can and cannot deal with.

Even though primarily, the symptoms are more severe in those with intolerances, we
believe prevention is better than cure and therefore we should all be limiting sugar in our diets.

Sugar makes the body produce insulin causing cortisol to be released which stimulates the breakdown of triglyceride stores in the adipose tissues, leading to an increase in free fatty acids in the blood.

Free fatty acids in the blood, which are thought to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease by causing insulin resistance, raise blood pressure and in some cases cause diabetes.

High levels of cortisol in the blood can also decrease white blood cell and antibody formation, which can lower immunity making you more susceptible to getting ill.

Healthy gut, healthy head
Undigested or stagnated stools can leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued.

If you have any of the following symptoms, Headache, Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Loose stools, Muscle pain, Tummy cramps, Loss of appetite, Wheezing, that you would prefer to live without, book an appointment today and start to feel great again:

You can also help yourself by gently massaging the area, chewing your food properly, eating slowly, avoiding processed/sugary foods, drinking plenty of water to aid the
detoxification of the body and stop eating when you are 80% full.

Drink water daily
Water helps our bodily functions to perform better.



Surprisingly Easy Eats – Vegan Lasagne

Surprisingly Easy Eats - Vegan Lasagna
Quick and easy to prepare. Filling but light. Try this tasty vegan lasagna.

Most of the cooking that happens around here is sporadic and unplanned. The unloved dried lasagne sheets that were sitting in the back of the cupboard for an endless amount of time and the Quorn that was staring out of the freezer in Aldi after visting Granddad were what inspired the making of this dinner.


For the filling:

500g Quorn (Would prefer to use Soya Mince as it’s a natural product with no added ingredients but Quorn was there staring out and there was no Soya in sight)

1 tbs coconut oil

1 tin chopped tomatoes

1 tbs tomato puree

1 onion

2 garlic

3 carrots

1tbs thyme

1tbs rosemary

1tbs marmite (gives the mince a depth)

For the white sauce:

1 cup almond/coconut/cashew milk

100g cashews

2tbsps Flour to thicken

Lasagne Sheets (Would prefer butternut squash sheets if they were available)


Vegan cheese breadcrumbs (found at Camden vegan cheese festival but the box is unbranded and they’ve been sitting in the freezer for so long the name is no longer stored in the memory bank) Please comment your favourite vegan cheese brand. Sharing is caring.


Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.

Chop 3 carrots to your taste. With a body prone to damp (Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine talk to do with five elements and the spleen/stomach) it tickles the taste buds and pleases the body when there is something to crunch down on. If you prefer a sloppy lasagna chop your carrots into smaller circle.

Heat coconut oil in pan and add the 3 chopped carrots.

Meanwhile chop your onion and add into the pain with the carrots.

Chop your 2 garlic cloves and add to the same pan. Leave for 5-10 minutes.

In goes the Quorn with the carrots, onion and garlic. Leave to simmer for 5-10minutes or until the quorn has defrosted and started to cook.

Add tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, thyme, Rosemary and marmite. Leave to simmer and let the juices stew.

Meanwhile prepare the white sauce. Blend the cashews. Add the milk and cashews into a pan. Slowly start to sprinkle in the flour while stirring the sauce. Leave the sauce to cool. Once cooled assess the sauce to see if it needs any more milk/flour. Should be a thick consistency like the marmite.

Get a pasta dish and layer the bottom of the dish with lasagna sheets and start to create your magical master piece. Next spoon some of the mince over the lasagna sheets, enough to cover and moisten the sheets. On goes the white sauce. Then the lasagna sheet. Repeat. Mince filling, white sauce pasta sheet. Mince filling, white sauce pasta sheet until you reach the top of the pasta dish.

Bake for 20 minutes. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over the top. Bake for another 10 minutes. To get crispy edges like we have, leave some of the pasta on top bare of any filling or sauce.


Smart Healing – Pain gone in 1 session – Case Study

1st Treatment

Symptoms: Neck, Shoulder and Leg pain. Pain is intermittent. Ongoing for the past 3 weeks.

When asked where on a scale of 1-10 how the pain felt, 1 being no pain and 10 being the most amount of pain the response was a 6.

Assessment: Pelvis fixation of right side. Upper/middle weak trapezius muscles on right hand side.

Atlanto-occipital tight on right side.

Active Alarm Points : Gallbladder (GB) right

Triple Warmer (TW) right and left


Acupuncture, Small Intestine (SI) 3.5 left side. Same channel as pain indicated on back of neck.

Pericardium (PC) also referred to as circulation-sex 3.5/3.7 Yin to Triple Warmer

GB (Gallbladder) 37/38/39 clinically used as effective point for neck and shoulder problems. More than one needle in the same channel will cause a synergy effect.

Alarm points no longer active. Before leaving the acupuncture to take on it’s full healing effect the patient is asked whether there is any pain in the area.

Response is no.

Physical therapy.

Release of the upper/middle and lower trapezius. Gluteus muscles and tensor fascia lata release.

Pelvis and feet realignment.

Rhomboid major and minor muscles loosened through shoulder rotation.

Cranial Sacral Therapy relaxing the atlanta-occipital joint.

Massage back, latissimus dorsi muscles. Scraping of the infraspinatus opening the shoulder.

Once patient is stood and asked if there is any pain. Lady moves shoulders and neck and there is No Pain.

How to have a positive outlook?

Hormones such a dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin help us to feel good and are increased by exercise and eating well.

In fact, every time we eat we produce dopamine. When we make the choice to reach for ‘junk’ food, which is food that has no nutritional value to the body and takes more energy to digest than the energy it gains, its our minds we are pleasing. When we succumb to the decision to neglect our body to please the mind we must pay the price.

We have 15 minutes before the effects of the sugar from the junk food wears off. If we have made neurological pathways that our consciousness is unaware of we may reach for more junk to enjoy the high once again. The unfortunate instance about this is that we need more than we had the first time to reach that high state. This is not the case with natural products. We do not need more the next time round to receive the same amount of dopamine from the product.

While what we eat plays a huge factor, life is ultimately made up with an abundance of choices but when it comes to the mind we only have two. To either go down a negative or a positive path.

You must choose to be positive.

How to do this? Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Take away materialistic wealth. Talk to your friends and family about the Good in your day. Talk about the things you have to look forward, what excites you and makes you happy. Find a creative hobby, let yourself go.

Its the people around that are the most inspiring and through conversations had in clinic came the thought process of how we can become engulfed in our own individual life bubble, too scared to reach out for new beginnings and ultimately becoming slaves to our habits. With this thought process the poem below was written. Delivered under the trees in a park in Hertfordshire. Hoping to couple it with music one day.