Acupuncture to keep a cool head and maintain success

There was a time when Hermione from Harry Potter was an idol. Her love to study, to be immersed in books and the will to learn was not a gift I was born with. Far too excitable to sit for any lengthy periods of time, I was the child jumping on the trampoline and finding out how high the swing in the woods would go. The desire to be that way inclined, however, was enough to continue working on the perceived weakness and as my mind cultivation improved, so did the attention span.

Anyone who has received acupuncture may feel the energetic power it provides and although the feeling was understood long before the education, it was undeniably invigorating to learn about this mystic healing tool after feeling its wonderful electric buzz.

Stories are educational, adventurous, and the colourful, creativity hopefully inspires us as much as the fun facts and stats that we continue to accumulate as a human race. Without one we cannot have the other and as acupuncture is here to create balance for you, we will forever be working on providing it too.

Acupuncture increases the white blood cells that fight infection and disease while also opening your capillaries to improve your circulation and combat pain. Continuing to blow its trumpet, the little pin detoxifies your organs, cleans your blood and relaxes your muscles because of the relationship it has on your nervous system, your spine and therefore your organs. The holistic nature of acupuncture lowers your blood sugar level, blood pressure and helps your cholesterol. 

The main vein in the body, on the front of the thigh, is connected to the heart. Acupuncture the leg in this area and a synergistic, intercellular communication will take place. One where the physical mechanics of the body will in response help the heart. It is common knowledge that when we exercise a muscle it strengthens and improves the functionality of our blood flow. Clinical studies support that acupuncture also improves our bodies in the same positive light.

A tremendously exciting course of embryology gave insight into how our single-cell organism grows outwards, each and every part connecting, intertwining from the heart. The multi-functioning society that our intelligent species has created has a lot more to focus on than the functioning of the subconscious and internal connectivity of cells but a treatment to rebalance, reset and revitalise will keep all that in order so you can keep a cool head and maintain success whatever your mission. 

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A massage that goes deeper than you might think

After 20 seconds of maintained contact, a massage causes a positive reaction to your cells that floods your body with the feel good hormone oxytocin. Along with the myofascial release from working deep into targeted muscle groups and activating the lymphatic system from sweeping strokes, your mind and body will be in a detoxification process while also in deep relaxation.

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An acidic build up within the fascia of the body is flushed through by activating the cellular neurons which are touch sensitive. If you’ve felt the soothing sensation that feels like a surge of adrenaline running through your body from the physical touch of a practitioner during a session you will understand that the body has a communication. This communication is termed as neuro bio taxes.

Studies show that mechanical massage promotes noticeable functional improvements in the body fat and enhanced responsiveness to your metabolic pathway and using different degrees of pressure, strokes and techniques will give your body the greatest response.

If lactic acid builds up in your body it can cause muscle pain and cramps. Stretching the muscles during a massage stops the reactive process of glucose being broken down from insufficient oxygen in the body.  If the body is left unoxidized it will continue to convert glucose into oxygen which will result in more lactic acid build up.

A back massage will give a response to all of the muscles in your body from the motor neurons living in the spine. A study from the National Centre for Biotechnology determined that muscles and nerves are dependent on each other for processes such as growth, development and maintenance and both are mechanosensitive structures that respond to mechanical stimuli such as massage. 

Studies showed that massage improved the recovery of inflammation and edema, suggesting that massage regulates the immune system. On the other side of the spectrum, by applying massage to healthy undamaged muscles it was found that optimal load and pressure throughout a massage will still provide a better environment for repair and regeneration. 


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Your questions answered about Acupuncture

Do you wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Masks are compulsory for both the client and the practitioner. 

What else is in place to ensure the environment is Covid safe?

If you have a device that can download Track and Trace you are invited to check in on the app. Your temperature is checked upon arrival and hand sanitisation is provided. Time slots have been extended to ensure sufficient time for a thorough clean and there is no overlap of clients.

Does Acupuncture Hurt? 

You may feel a sensation from the acupuncture being inserted and then the calming effects take over. Although it is not completely necessary for the treatment it does enhance the healing effects immensely. Speak to Sarah if you are unsure, she is always happy to accommodate.

What should I expect?

A relaxing, thorough 70-90 minute treatment involves: Physical assessment/correction, Acupuncture, Spine & Joint Correction, cranial-sacral therapy, massage, nutritional and MET (muscular endurance technique.)

Will I feel relief after one session? 

Yes, Sarah would continue the treatment until you do.

How many sessions will I need? 

Physical pain is the easiest to change (depending on the depth and the length of time you’ve had the condition), internal can take longer. Sarah will start to make the change while also giving advice but ultimately it is your decision where you would like to take your wellbeing.

Can I have a treatment if I don’t like acupuncture?

There is a safe but less effective treatment method we use called magnets. The magnets are made up of a group of metals called ferromagnetic metals.

Magnets have a similar effect to acupuncture but unfortunately, the results are not as powerful because the current isn’t going through the skin and into the blood.

What we feel and our pain threshold is individual to us. If we anticipate feeling a sensation our brain is tricking us into thinking it’s going to be heightened or lessened depending beyond our reaction to the sensation the previous time it was met. By creating an emotion before any action has been carried out gives us a preconceived perception of what is about to happen and therefore, we miss out on the present moment and the true sensation.

Magnets don’t produce as much of a sensation and allow time for the body and the mind to relax, sending us into a parasympathetic state, which is the bodies best place for healing.

If you want to try magnets as an alternative to acupuncture please just ask Sarah. While the therapeutic effects are much higher when using acupuncture there is so much more to the treatment than the acupuncture. Having magnet therapy along with the rest of the treatment is going to do a much better job than not having the treatment at all. 

Is there parking?

There is free parking outside the front of the property or paid car parking around the corner from the house.

Please make the correct arrangements to arrive insufficient time for your appointment. 

We run with back to back clients and unfortunately any time you are late will have to be deducted from your treatment.

Length of treatment? 

Allow 75-90 minutes for your first consultation and treatment. Follow up treatments are 75 minutes.

What shall I wear? 

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring or wear shorts to your appointment. 


Japanese Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture promotes collagen, invigorates blood flow and calms the mind.

Part of every acupuncturist’s theory is to learn the ‘five elements.’ These elements work with what we call the ‘meridian lines’ which in turn govern the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, vessels and skin of the body. The five elements, driven by nature, are: fire, earth, metal, water and wood and give good reason as to why there are no hazardous side effects to an acupuncture treatment, unless there are contraindications to the symptoms you are displaying, which a trained professional should notice, eradicating any harm.

The connection between nature and the body isn’t seen as obviously in the 21st century because of the ‘out of touch’ environment that we have created to function as ‘easily’ as possible using convenience, generally, wherever we can. The holistic part of an acupuncturists role is to take the ‘patients’ symptoms and turn them around, including lifestyle, emotional and physiological advice, changing how the body is adapting to its current climate.

It is not uncommon for people to suffer fatigue, constipation, depression, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and much more without giving it any consideration, unaware that they could feel so much lighter, brighter and more energetic if they sought the help they needed.

Acupuncture was originally used, over 2,000 years ago, as prevention. Using the same principles now, as they discovered way back then, it is more often called upon to find a cure, as we are ignoring our bodies first signs that it is in danger. Pain is one of the body’s primary symptoms, which is its unique way of knocking on your body’s front door, alerting you that there is damage. Leaving the damage, without making any effort to find what is causing the initial response, will lead you down the sticky path of ill health.

Being comfortable around your practitioner is essential for your own well being. Connecting, trusting and opening up to them, giving them as much information about your case, past and present. As there are many medical acupuncturists around it can feel like trying to find a needle in a hay stack but start by asking friends and family who have had positive experiences, look online for good reviews and booking a practitioner once does not mean you have to keep returning to them. If you have had a bad previous experience with a practitioner please take into account that every practitioner has had different training, from different teachers and learning a different syllabus so try, try and try again. As there will be one out there who can suit your needs, giving you answers that can turn your life around. 


Enter for the good of your health

Risk assessment at the ready

A huge lifestyle turning point, and there’s been a few, was a change of perspective towards ‘junk’ food. Picture a cottage in the Lake District, a weekend away to walk through the hills, escaping the normality, time to recharge. 

The first stop was to the local supermarket and being over 15 years ago, the only food purchases made were sugary sweets, cakes and processed, pop in the oven type meals. Thus said the weekend of walking and eating junk did not provide the recharge that was desired.

Excessive consumption is at one end of the spectrum and here at Natural Medical Clinic HQ our ethos is all about finding balance in life. We know a little ‘junk’ won’t hurt so why not take it back to when we saw ‘junk’ as a treat. Enjoying it once a week, rather than eating it as a necessity for your taste buds at the end of every meal. Your organs, blood and teeth don’t like it, neither does your energy. 

After that weekend, eating an excessive amount of junk food never happened again. A new life was born, finding ways to increase energy levels arose and along came the self-healing and wellbeing class.

Self-healing takes the stress out of exercise. Flowing movements for a supple body and mindful talk for the wellbeing of your mind, will lead you into a state of pure bliss. An hour of a holistic exercise, covering top to toe mobility and toning.

Please reserve your spot to join on 13th October, 6.30pm-7.30pm at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth. 

Long standing support has encouraged a rebranding of the website, where nifty features will be added along with the opportunity to purchase more time for your treatment. As a loyal member of the Active Balance base, news reaches you first, and alas you can now book the treatment time you want.

Standard treatment for 75 minutes = £60
add 15 minutes = £10
add 30 minutes = £ 20
add 45 minutes = £30

To add further additional time to your treatment please discuss directly with Sarah for pricing.

Taking the correct precautions is paramount and with the correct standards and risk assessments in place Active Balance has earned the Visit Britain’s ‘We’re good to go’ Covid-19 confident badge. Making you feel more secure that you are doing taking the right step towards improving your health.